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Which are the best web directories to submit too?

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Well this is a question that I hear asked quite often. Which are the best web directories to add your site too?

Firstly I should explain the different kinds of web directories that are available.

1. Free directories which are pretty much automated
2. Paid directories with an editorial process and policy

The truth is that nearly all free directories are not worth the time it takes to submit your site. Rumour also has it that Google are in the process of devalueing these directories as they have been abused in the past.

The best directories are paid directories such as dir.yahoo.com, business.com, lii.org, clush.com, botw.org and joeant.com to name a handfull.

The things to look for in a good directory are:-

1. Is there a strong editorial policy and process
2. Do sites get rejected. IE no site is gauranteed to be accepted?
3. Are they strict with the use of official site name as the anchor text?
4. Is the directory free of crappy ads
5. Does the site have good Page Rank. 5 or above?

If you can answer yes to the above then the directory will be worth adding your site too as it probably passes a certain amount of link juice.

If you can, also try to get into dmoz.orr(googles own dir) as this is very beneficial as is yahoo’s directory. Although it costs $299, I have seen it have a huge affect on ranking for sites. Afterall, Yahoo is the number1 site on the web(according to alexa) so a link from Yahoo has got to be worth mucho link juice.

So there you have it. Do your homework and don’t waste your time with free for all directories.
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