Nov 03

The Right Time To Invest In Your Website?

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I was recently reading a great post on the SEO Book blog titled “8 reasons why now may be the right time to invest in your website” and thought it would be a good time for me to follow up on this with a post of my own.

Well, unless you have been living on the moon for the past few months, you will have realised that the world is pretty much experiencing a global economic recession. The purse strings have tightened and most individuals and businesses are starting to feel the pinch with lots of major companies reporting much lower profits.

So where does that leave you as a small to medium size company with an online presence? How does it affect you? and should you reduce your marketing spend?

Well the answer (as history has shown in many cases) is NO!

History has shown that companies that have marketed their websites and businesses more aggressively during an economic downturn have not only done better than the competition during the recession, but in many cases have reaped the benefits a couple of years out of the recession period as well, as stated in the following excerpt from Ed Clark

Over the years hundreds of studies have been conducted to prove companies should maintain advertising during a recession. In the 1920’s advertising executive Roland S. Vaile tracked 200 companies through the recession of 1923. He reported in the April 1927 issue of the Harvard Business Review that the biggest sales increases throughout the period were rung up by companies that advertised the most. ….The findings of six more recession studies to date by the group present formidable evidence that cutting advertising in times of economic downturns can result in both immediate and long-term negative effects on sales and profit levels. Meldrum & Fewsmith’s former Senior VP, J. Welsey Rosberg reports “ I have yet to see any study that proves timidity is the route to success. Studies consistently have proven that companies that have the intelligence and guts to maintain or increase their overall marketing and advertising efforts in times of business downturns will get the edge on their timid competitors.

The other thing pointing out is that generally in an economic downturn, advertising costs are cheaper due to a lack of companies spending, meaning that you get more bang for your buck. The other obvious advantage of marketing more during a downturn is that your getting more visibility, as often is the case your competitors have shut up shop. This is not the way to go about increasing your visibility online or anywhere else for that matter.

The great advantage of continuing with your SEO campaign during these lean times is that you are not only giving your business greater visibility while a lot of your competitors have folded, you will also be building your SEO rankings during this period which means that when things do eventually pick up, you will have a head start on a lot of the competition. This is not marketing BS, its a fact.

SEO is a long term strategy, so calls for patience just like an economic market downturn. If you can keep plugging away when your competitors are having a siesta, you will find that you will be in an excellent position when the economies do stabilize again. And when I said earlier that you need to be aggressive during this time, I don’t mean throw money at it left right and center. Being aggressive with your marketing means sniffing out those advertising bargains which might mean doing a little bartering and also learning to be creative in your approach to giving your business maximum exposure. SEO is a fabulous marketing method but isn’t the only form of marketing.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs…..get the point?

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