Dec 28

Inbound Marketing – How To Stand Out From The Crowd In 2010

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The web has become the numero uno when it comes to marketing your business. In the early years of the web it was relatively easy to promote your business and make lots of money. I would like to say its “easy” to make money today, but what with the global economic meltdown there is no doubt that there is a lot less money in circulation. Couple this with the fact that the web has become a lot more saturated with companies looking to take advantage of this “new medium” and you can see that things are a lot harder than they were in the past.

But saying that, there are still great opportunities to gain greater exposure for your business and yes, make money. The Internet is still the most cost effective way to make money and gain greater exposure. Don’t believe me? Think about Barack Obama and how he used inbound internet marketing to defeat Hilary Clinton who had a much bigger budget. All thanks to a great web strategy and something that we can all replicate.

The web is changing, search engines are changing and users are changing in the way they interact with each other and in the way they use the internet to carry out everyday tasks.

We have now become so accustomed to “outbound marketing” where you “push” your products and services to people, that we have all become that little bit more adept at blocking out this “noise”. Think of banners for example, when was the last time you really stopped to read what they had to offer? They and many other channels have become far less effective in winning the mind share of website visitors.

When I say search engines are changing, I refer to the fact that possibly over the next 12 months or so, there will be two major search engines, Google and Bing. Yahoo is set to use the Bing search engine which means there will be a 80/20 split between the two engines. “So what”, you say. “How does that affect me and my website marketing?”.

Well, Google are rampant. They are looking to make more and more money(aren’t we all) and they are doing a great job at doing just that. Google are working extremely hard to obtain as much information about us as they can, so that they can use the organic search engines results pages to sell more highly targeted advertising space. Think, PPA(pay per action), universal search, video, images, real time web and god knows what else.

And how are they going to obtain such information? Well they already are. Think Google adwords, your Google account that tracks your surfing and search habits, cookies, Google Chrome browser (soon to be released), Google Toolbar, Googles own smart phone (Nexus One), Gmail and of course their many other web properties where they can monitor the actions of millions of daily visitors. This is just a few I have mentioned. I am sure you can think of many others.

What this means is that your normal organic results will be used far more for well targeted advertising, pushing the normal organic listings down the page and off to the world of page 2 obscurity.

So, for me, the key for the future is an inbound marketing approach. Using your website as a hub and using the social web including Twitter and Facebook, the “blogosphere” and RSS feeds (External sites and apps) etc to drive visitors to your site.

Communities and quality content are also going to be a deciding factor. It is going to be even more beneficial for businesses to create quality content and engaging media in order to help keep users coming back again and again and to establish themselves as the authority within their niche.

The web is changing. If you don’t adapt and start being more creative and start “reaching out” to your customers by offering them something of value, you’re doomed to online failure.

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