Sep 27

Quality Is Everything

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In SEO and Social Media, quality is everything.

Quality of your links.
Quality of your content.
Quality of your creativity.
Quality of the your keyword research.
Quality of your engagement, dialogue and relationships.

And much more.

QUANTITY on the other hand is used by many, but in most cases is a terrible metric to use.

More often than not, it is used as a smoke screen by SEO companies and others to hide a lack of performance or results.

You know the kind of thing.

-You have 100,000 links (but 99,800 are of a low low quality)
-You have 5,000 followers via social media (but only 10 of them interact with you)
-You get 10,000 visitors per month (but my conversion rate is 0.01% and my bounce rate is 70%)

Numbers, numbers numbers. Alone they mean nothing unless they are scrutinised.

Lesson of this story?

Make sure you are tracking the right metrics. The metrics that make the difference between success and failure.

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