Apr 29

Outbound links and their role in SEO

Tag: SEOadmin @ 2:47 pm

I’ve just had my usual daily browse of the seomoz blog and read a great post by Eric Enge.

Eric discusses the importance of outbound links and how they can be used in order to get more authoritive links.

This theory to me is just so true. Webmasters can sometimes seem totally paranoid when it comes to linking to other sites that may have something interesting to offer such as an article, a service, some free software or something else of great value.

Just try getting a link to your site now days and the first thing the webmasters want is another link back to them.

It seems that to a degree people have forgotten the art of linking and that its not only about links coming into you but also links going out.

I’m pretty sure that this can also help in other ways such as having something to offer your viewers showing them that you are a source of good information. It also helps the search engines to determine your sites profile, ie which niche your site is related too.

As Eric mentions in the post, its like becoming part of an exclusive group where you share information with other sites that are an authority within your niche.

So start linking out to other sites that have something interesting to offer and you just might see some reward in your rankings.

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