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Internet Marketing – 6 Ways To Compete Online

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With Google and other search engines indexing trillions of URL’s and with more and more businesses moving their businesses online, there can be no doubt that competition is fierce in most industries to say the least.

Think about it. Trillions of URL’s and millions of businesses in thousands of niches.

The question is, “How are you going to compete?” Or more importantly, “How are you going to STAND OUT?”

Here are just a few suggestions for you.


Do you have a remarkable unique service or product that nobody else is offering? If you do, then great, you’re halfway there. If not, you are fighting an uphill battle.

You need a Unique Value Proposition. What do you offer that people really need and can’t get elsewhere? Look at your competitors. How are you so different? If you want to succeed you will need to make a real difference to your target audience’s lives in one way or another.

If you do have a UVP, is it well aligned with your users requirements and expectations?


If your market is too broad then you really want to think about taking a narrower approach. Most niches are now saturated, so if you are looking to move into and compete within an already competitive niche, you need to think outside the box and distance yourself from the crowd.

An example might be, instead of offering say yet another website offering holiday or vacation rentals, why not go narrower and specialise in holiday rentals for dog owners, holiday rentals for gay people or holiday rentals for the disabled. You still have a market; it’s just not so competitive.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you offer something of value. Some examples could be free video tutorials, PDF/eBook downloads, white papers, trial offers or free software downloads.

You need to remember that you have to give in order to get! There has to be some kind of bait or offer to get their attention.

One thing is for sure; nobody but nobody will stick around if you are not offering anything.


Seth Godin wrote a great book titled “Purple cow”. Purple Cow is essentially about creating something which is remarkable, like a purple cow. If you saw one you would say, “oh my god, look! A purple cow!”. That’s the reaction you want to create when someone visits your site. Give them something new, refreshing or even life changing. Something they just can’t live without.


User experience is everything. No point in driving people to your website if they leave in a heart beat. There are two reasons why users do not buy. They either CAN’T buy, or they WON’T buy. The first is driven by poor website architecture, lack of call to action, lousy copyrighting or possibly a hundred other reasons. The reason they WON’T buy is normally down to your product and/or your pricing.

So, if you are not selling or getting users to take the action you want, you need to find out which of the two reasons above is the cause.


Targeting broad competitive keywords in most cases is a no win situation. Broad keywords cost more in terms of time, money and effort to rank for and because of this they represent a poor return on investment.

Your best option is to target the long tail and local search terms. Lower search volumes BUT easier to compete for, more relevant and a lot easier to convert.

Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years. Facebook and Twitter as well as other sites such as YouTube and LinkedIn have become really important to marketers. Social media allows you to connect on a personal level to your customers and enables you to “humanize” your business.

With sites such as Facebook and Twitter it’s easier to connect with users matching your targeted demographic, build relationships, trust and eventually turn friends and followers into a tribe of loyal customers and evangelists.

The truth is, get all of the above right and you won’t have to spend so much time marketing your business. Others will do it for you.

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