Nov 06

How YOU can stay small and COMPETE with the big boys

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Ok, well this is a question that I am asked from time to time and read a lot on the web. “How can I compete with the big boys online with a small budget?”

In terms of business size, bigger isn’t always better. There are some definite advantages to staying small in the business world that in my mind far outway some of the advantages of going BIG. Some of the advantages of remaining small include:

1. More control over the day to day runnings so that you can keep track of whats happening in your business. Just look at some of the most recent news such as Barings and other banks finding out that their traders have been losing billions behind their backs with supposedly nobody knowing a thing about it. Wow, if only I had billions to lose!!

2. The ability to move quickly to the changing market, this cannot be said of larger companies who have a hierarchy and systems in place to make changes to the simplest of things. Being small means that you can make strategic changes within your niche quickly that way staying one step ahead of those big boys.

3. In terms of SEO , you can target the less competitive keywords which may not receive so many searches but are more focused to the services and products that you offer. This means that you can rank quicker and get more “relevant” and “convertable” visitors to your site. Oh and you will not need the same budget that the big boys need to spend to compete with the “broader” search terms.

Take me for example. My industry is extremelly competitve. For me to target “search engine optimization” or “SEO Company” is not realistic as I am a one man band who does not have a team of SEO’s working on their marketing or a larget budget to play with. But hey thats fine, as I target keywords and search terms that are more relevant to my niche, ie spain and the costa del sol. That way I can work at owning my niche area. Yes I get less traffic, but the traffic I do get is more focused and local which helps me to convert more visitors to clients. You can do this too!!

4. Another great thing about staying small is the personal touch. Many customers love the idea of being able to speak to the “main man” when they have questions on a personal level rather than “submit a ticket” or have to go through some chain of command in order to speak to some who “might” no what your talking about or worse still explain your problem too half a dozen different people. I love the fact that working mostly on your own means that the buck stops with me. I am responsible and like the fact that I can have a close and interactive relationship with my clients.

5. You save moneyand that money saving aspect is passed onto your clients which for them represents better value as the cost of SEO is reduced meaning that their ROI (return on investment) is even greater. With the current financial crisis, customers are looking for even greater value and this is something you can provide by staying small and keeping your costs down in order to pass on your savings to your customers. Hell how do you think some of the small airlines run and compete or some of the low cost retailers in the UK such as Primark? They keep the costs down and pass on that saving to the consumer.

So there you have 5 benefits to remaining small. I am sure you can think of many more.

Organic SEO is a great long term strategy that you can implement to help you compete with your larger competitors. Many businesses feel that they are unable to compete or that the market is flooded with competitors but this does not matter. Be creative and there is always an angle you can find in order to work you way into the market.

SEO does not have to cost the earth. I work on an hourly rate so the client always knows how much of my time they will get each month. It doesnt matter if you can only afford 10 hours per month. The main point is that you are consistently investing into your website over the long term and gradually giving your site more exposure and thus getting better ranking and traffic in your targeted niche market. I have a number of clients in different niches including Budwig Diet, Spanish Property, Property in North Cyprus, property in Cape Verde, Marbella property, Costa del Sol Hotel, and Holiday Rentals. All are competing with some of the major players in their niches.

You can do it!! Its been done before and MANY have prospered! You can to!

Remember, big isn’t always better. Its not the length of the sword, its the swordsman!

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