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How To Grow Your Social Circle – An Hour A Day

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Are you looking to promote your business via social media? Do you ponder over the following questions when you think about social media?

Will I be able to find time?
Will it pay off?
Will anyone listen to what I have to say?
Could I be spending my time in better ways?

The truth is that promoting your business via the social web is time consuming. The more time and effort you put in though, the greater the return will be.

With SEO, the intent is already there. A user searches, clicks on the result in the search engine and then visits your site. All you have to do is give them what they want. With social it’s different, as the same intent does not normally exist in the early stages.

Social media provides a wealth of opportunities for you to gain more customers, but It won’t happen over night. If you think about word of mouth and offline marketing, it takes time to befriend people, engage with them, interact and listen to what they have to say. Once this happens, you are building a relationship of trust. Once you have that, you then have what we refer to as “permission marketing”. Users will then be happy to hear what you have to offer.

You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger you have known for five minutes and try to pitch them something would you? You would build a relationship and grow things from there.

Remember. People buy from people, NOT salesmen. People like people, who are like themselves.

So the questions is: “How do I grow my social media circle when I don’t have much time to spare?”

Follow my 6 tips below to help you gain greater social media exposure and get more followers, more customers and who knows, even more friends. All this can be done in around 1 hour per day.

1. Comment on a minimum of 2 facebook pages every day. (Facebook)

Benefits: By commenting and offering something of value, people will look to click on your profile and send a friend request. This way, you will gradually gain more friends who you can build a relationship with.

Time Spent: 10 minutes

2. Make 1 New Friend Request Every Day (Facebook)

Benefits: Obviously by doing this you will get more friends over time. Remember to befriend people who have similar interests to yourself, or if your business targets a specific country or region, make sure they are in that region.

Time Spent: 10 minutes.

3. Comment On 3 Blog Posts Every Day (Blogging)

Benefits: By commenting and offering something of value to the conversation, you slowly but surely build your own authority and expertise on your niche topic. So for example if you are a web designer, comment on web design blogs and offer some good advice and solutions. People will appreciate that and click on your link or profile to find out more. If you give, eventually you will get.

Time Spent: 20 minutes

4. Follow At Least 3 People Every Day (Twitter)

With this one, make sure you follow people that are in your target country or area and/or have tweeted about your product or something you offer. So if you offer weight loss advice, search on Twitter for users who are speaking about losing weight and follow them.

Benefits: Generally, a high percentage of Twitter users will follow you in return. So by consistently following people, you will grow your own follower numbers and will be able to get your own message out to more people.

Time Spent: 5 minutes

5. Re-tweet At Least 3 Tweets Every Day (Twitter)

Benefits: Twitter users like their tweets being re-tweeted as this gives them more exposure. Most people are greatful and will often return the favour to you. If they have a good following then this will only help to get yourself out there in front of more people.

Time Spent: 10 minutes

6. Tweet Your Own Tweets At Least 2 Times Each Day

You can even re-tweet some of your old and better performing tweets and blog posts. It is also worth asking people to re-tweet your message.

Benefits: By tweeting often and consistently you will gain more direct followers.

Time Spent: 5 minutes.

You may find that you need to amend this slightly to fit your own requirements and schedule, but by following this and being CONSISTENT, slowly but surely, you will not only gain more friends and fans, but potentially a bigger tribe of followers and evangelists for your business.

Photo’s courtesy of PurpleMattFish and DanyRolux on Flickr.

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