Apr 30

Forget reciprocals and start networking

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Now we all know(well most of us anyway) that link building is one of the most important aspects of good SEO. We also know that the links we do get need to be of a high quality, ie, have good Page Rank, be relevant, come from an authoritive site, have few outbound links and is not spammy etc etc.

I recieve many link exchange requests every day which are pretty pathetic really. You know the ones “Hi, I saw your site and wanted to know if you would link to me? blah blah”.

For me, reciprocals are now pretty pointless. Don’t get me wrong, one or two reciprical links from relevant authority sites is not a bad thing, but links from pages that have hundreds of other links(including those to Viagra and online gaming sites) are pretty much worthless in my eyes and no doubt in the eyes of the search engines.

SEO’s and webmasters need to adopt a different approach to link building if they want to rank well. The search engine algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated and have the ability to sniff out crappy, worthless links.

So how does one go about obtaining good quality links then?

Well in my opinion SEO’s need to start networking more. What I mean by this is that link building is very similar to building links and business associates in the offline world. In order to for you to do well in regular business, you need to network and build relationships in order to help each other to achieve your goals.

The same applies to SEO and link building. If you have something of interest, for example good articles, how to’s, free software or advice for example, why not approach another webmaster and ask to have your content placed on their site with a link back to you or a link to your content from their site?

If what you are offering is of any real value, most webmasters are sure to give you a link back and no doubt the link will be of much more use in terms of link juice(coming from a quality relevant site) and in terms of click throughs.

Most savvy webmasters are only to happy to place good content or information on their sites and are not afraid of “losing page rank”. Its all about offering your visitors more and sometimes this means linking out to other relevant authority sites.

For me, its better to spend a number of hours writing good content and then contacting others sites and getting them to link to you, than it is to build 100 crappy recip links that have no value. The return on investment(your time) is far greater.

Another good thing about writing or offering something of value is that your site also becomes an authority site in your niche and becomes a bit more trusted when linked to from other quality sites.

So go on, start networking with other sites and see if you can offer each other some quality content as opposed to some worthless reciprocal links.

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