Feb 06 2009

6 On Site SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google – Part 4

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Use Synonyms and Write Naturally to Avoid Keyword Stuffing and Aid Readability

SynonymWe’ve all seen it on our travels when browsing the web. Pages that have been stuffed with keywords to supposedly help “increase ranking” have become an all too often occurrence. It’s evident that many SEO’s and webmasters are constantly looking for ways to squeeze every last ounce of SEO out of their pages, but sadly, they are living in the past.

Keyword stuffing went out with the square wheel and by inserting too many occurrences of targeted keywords within your page copy, your page becomes ugly and completely unreadable to your visitors. Boy, what a turn off!!

The key is to use synonyms. The reason being is that Google and other search engines have become so sophisticated that they have an excellent understanding of the relationships between different words.

If you go to Google for example and enter into the search box “~property” (without the quotes) and then hit search, you will notice that within the search results Google highlights certain words in bold. You will notice that there are many bolded synonyms for example “estate agents”, “homes” and “real estate” that Google deems to be related and which have a semantic relationship.

So that you can view all of the synonyms that Google is aware of for this particular word try something like “~property -homes -estate agents -real estate. Each time you find new ones, write them down and then append another -word to the end of the search. You will notice that the number of search results reduces each time.

So now you know which words Google associates with others, you can look at replacing some of your keywords and internal anchor texts with their synonyms which will ultimately make your sites content more readable and look well….less spammy!

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