Jul 29 2010

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page – Part 1

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Do you have a fan/business page on Facebook and need to attract some fans?

Well start reading my 3 part series and find out how you can do just that using some simple techniques.

Facebook represents a fantastic opportunity for any business looking to make its mark on the web. If you can attract enough fans initially and create some great posts, then there’s a great chance that word will spread virally between Facebook members gaining you more followers and brand exposure.

Facebook recently announced that it had over 500 million users. With this many people now using the service, it has become a great place to gain new business. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers and humanize yourself.

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Jul 26 2010

Does Blog Commenting Work?

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Blogs are great. They enable you to interact with potential customers and other visitors, promote new offers, content and other important information.

But for every blog owner, allowing comments can be a real chore to say the least. Blog comment spam is rife. It’s not nice taking hours to write a well researched blog post, only to have half the planet descend on your blog in order to place a comment that says something like:



I have been doing some research into this…..will definitely tell all my friends!


On a post about real estate for sale you may get something like:

Hey! This is really cool, exactly what I was looking for. The designs here are so fabulous!. Thanks for uploading this stuff.

These are some of the good ones! Others may have pornographic links inserted or may appear to be complete gibberish.

So you see. Total garbage! A real pain in the butt!

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Jul 21 2010

What Is Your UVP?

Tag: Inbound Marketing,SEO,Social Mediaadmin @ 2:17 pm

The title of my post today is “What is Your UVP?”.

So what is a UVP? Many of you I am sure know that UVP = Unique Value Proposition. And if you didn’t know, you do now!

Promoting your business online has become harder an harder. The web has become a saturated cesspool of billions of pages and websites, lots of which offer the same old thing. This trend, is set to continue for sure.

A few years back, you could do business online with little competition. Today, well, this is just not the case. Want to start an ecommerce site and sell sunglasses. Competition. Want to sell holidays. Competition. Want to sell real estate. Competition. I think you get what I am saying.

Like the picture above depicts. You are shouting and shouting but is anyone really listening? If not, why?

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