Apr 30 2010

Link Atrophy – How Important Is It?

Tag: SEOadmin @ 8:17 pm

I was recently reading one of the latest SeoMoz blog posts on 30 SEO problems and tools to solve them and point #6 concerned link atrophy and one of the tools that you can use to diagnose link atrophy issues.

For me, the post was quite interesting and got me thinking about something that many people are either not aware of, or just don’t pay too much attention too.

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Apr 16 2010

The Anatomy Of A Good SEO Link

Tag: SEOadmin @ 5:32 pm

I’ve not posted for a while as I am just so busy promoting my clients sites, but I want to start posting more often and will endeavor to do just that from now on.

Quite frankly, I could make this post very very long as there is just so much I can cover, but I am aware that too long a post can not only confuse, but also prevent users from reading it in the first place. So, I will try and keep things as brief as possible and try to touch on the key points.

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