Oct 22 2009

Attracting More Convertible Traffic Using Long Tail Keyword Strategies

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So many people are obsessed. Obsessed with website TRAFFIC that is. It would seem that many are more concerned with attracting HUGE volumes of traffic with little regard to the quality of the visitors and whether or not they are converting into paying customers. Afterall, whats the point in spending loads of money on promoting your site online, when your bounce rate is 70% and very few of the visitors are doing what you actually want them to do, ie buy a product, sign up to your newsletter or make an enquiry?

It’s easy to lose focus of what our aims are. How many of us have drifted in and out of life forgetting why we are really here and not establishing a purpose for our lives? The same  applies to our websites. It’s easy to lose site of the actions we want our visitors to take.

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