Jan 16 2009

Is Article Marketing Effective For SEO?

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For those who do not know, article marketing is a term used to describe the practice of writing articles and sometimes distributing articles via distribution services such as isnare.com and articlemarketer.com or just by adding them to article directories such as ezinearticles.com or buzzle.com

The idea behind it is that you write an informative article on your topic/niche, and put it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Then at the bottom of the article (or sometimes within it), you will have the option to add your little bit of self promotion and link to your website via the resource box.
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Jan 15 2009

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

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Many of those new to SEO become almost obsessed at times with the little green bar in their browsers (Google Toolbar) and see it as some kind of victory or trophy that says “Yes, Ive made it” its all down hill from here! If only it were that simple!

So what does pagerank really mean in terms of ranking and SEO?

Pagerank is a Google algorithm that was named after Larry Page one of the two Google founders and is supposed to represent and indicate to a sites visitor the overall link popularity of a page or an indication of the amount of citations/votes (links) there are too that page. Although this is partly correct and it must be stated that this is a rather simplistic view of pagerank, it still does not reflect the true meaning of pagerank and what bearing it has on our sites performance.

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