Dec 17 2008

How Long Will It Take My Site To Rank And Get Traffic?

Tag: SEOadmin @ 11:47 pm

This is a question that unfortunately I am not asked enough by potential clients so normally have to volunteer such info as its important that I manage a clients expectations correctly in order to avoid possible dissatisfaction.

What is clear, is that at the outset of any search engine optimisation agreement or contract, the client MUST be made fully aware of the following:-

1. The competitiveness of their niche

2. The demographic of their potential customers

3.  What they want their visitors to do in terms of actions on the webiste, IE, buy a product, contact them about a service or signup for a monthly newsletter etc.

4. How long it will take to rank for their most competitive search terms.

5. How likely their site is to actually convert any visitors into paying customers.

6. The advantages of SEO over other forms of advertising and promotion.

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