Aug 21 2008

6 On Site SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google – Part 3

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OK, on to part 3 of my 6 on site SEO tips.

Internal Contextual Linking

Internal linking is not thought about by a lot of webmasters and SEO’s. If you want to see how linking internally should be done, take a look at

This is a top example of contextual internal linking. This kind of linking has the most value in terms of SEO benefits. Unlike site wide navigation or footer links these are treated differently by search engines as they are wrapped by relevant contextual text rather than just sitting as a single link next to a whole bunch of other links on a page.

Linking this way looks most natural to a search engine and is why they just love blogs, as these kind of links look more like a natural citation to another site. The search engines can also get a better idea of the links topic, by looking at the text surrounding the link.

This obviously will only work if you have content on your site. The more content you have, the more opportunities you will have to link internally more effectively. Having more content also gives you more options when targeting the long tail, but thats for another post.

So there you go. Start thinking more about interlinking as many of your pages as possible. This will give you better rankings and also make it clear to the search engines exactly which pages are targeting which search terms.

Aug 20 2008

6 On Site SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google – Part 2

Tag: SEOadmin @ 12:37 pm

Good morning to all you budding SEO’s, prospective clients and general browsers alike. Where I am, the sun is shining and its a beautiful day!! So I am feeling good and wanted to share some more SEO tips with you.

Anyway, on to part 2 of my “6 On Site SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google”.

In my previous posting I mentioned the importance of using your title tags effectively in order to rank better and to get more user click throughs.

Today I wanted to touch on URL’s and how important they are for many reasons.

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Aug 19 2008

6 On Site SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google

Tag: SEOadmin @ 5:17 pm

Being an SEO, I am constantly optimising websites for clients in order to get them ranked better. Quite often, I see that the basic foundations of SEO have been neglected in favour of something else. It seems that so many webmasters and SEO’s have become almost obsessed with building links to their sites as this is what Google uses to rank sites, but many have forgotten that this is not the only element to good SEO.

As I have to optimise many sites on a regular basis, its easy for me to get into a process which enables me to instantly optimise a site and achieve 100% better rankings without building a single backlink.

If you have a site that isn’t ultra competitive, you can achieve better rankings in just a few days by applying my 6 SEO tips to rank better. SEO isn’t a secret art form. It’s a proven process that if done correctly, can help you to obtain greater rankings for your site and help you to captcher your niche. Its like business. If you do what successful business men do, you to can see the same results.

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Aug 15 2008

Real Estate SEO In Spain

Tag: SEOadmin @ 1:18 pm

Due to some great sucess with some of my existing real estate companies, I thought I would take a moment to mention my real estate seo Spain services.

If you have a real estate business here in Spain and are not currently using the search engine traffic in order to leverage more leads and conversions, you could be missing out on leads that your competitors are only too pleased to deal with.

There are thousands of real estate related searches performed on the major search engines every day and if you are not taking advantage of this by having regular search engine optimisation performed, you are potentially losing out on business that could mean the difference between success and failure for your real estate company.

So if you are finding things a little slow and are more reliable on more conventional forms of marketing, take a step back and think about how with some good solid real estate seo, you too like many of your competitors can start to build an online presence that can produce so much more business than you are currently enjoying.

Aug 08 2008

Better Quality Link Building For Long Term Results

Tag: SEOadmin @ 5:42 pm

Well, I’ve been into some of the SEO forums online, not that I do this often as I don’t have time(most real SEO’s don’t as they are too busy working) and its hard to believe some of the advice and information that is being thrown about willy nilly.

A bit of free advice. Do NOT believe all that you read in forums, as most is non confirmed and is pure assumption mostly by hobbiest SEO’s. Advice is the cheapest commodity on earth which comes from mostly unknowledgable people.

It actually p***** me off when I read some of the link building tips(most of which are spammy and cheap) that wanna be SEO’s are giving out. Find blogs that have followed comments, use this worthless list of crappy directories and why not use this list of 100 social media bookmarking sites(most of which are nofollowed anyway).

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