May 26 2008

Follow Or Nofollow, That Is The Question

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There has been some debate in the SEO world recently in the use of the nofollow tag. I thought I would take the opportunity to post about this further and give viewers to my blog and my own SEO clients an insight as to what nofollow is and how it is used.

The nofollow tag was introduced in 2005 and was agreed upon by the top 3 search engines as a method that could be used by webmasters in order to prevent comment spam on the web. The nofollow tag is not visible when looking at a site and its links, but looks something like this in html code:-

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link to mysite</a>

So there you can see the attribute rel=”nofollow”. What this actually says to the major search engines in most cases is, do not pass any link value to the linked to page. So if I place a link from a page on site A to a page on site B and place the nofollow attribute within my linking code, site A will not pass any link weight or page rank to site B.

Like I said previously, this was originally done(and still is) to prevent spammers from placing spammy comments within blogs just in order to gain a link back to their website and hence manipulating the search engine results.

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May 15 2008

SEO Just isn’t Enough

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Sometimes SEO’s are mistaken for wizards or witches who are able to wave a magic wand and have a website increase its conversions 1000%. This, in reality is not possible using SEO alone, as there are many other factors that need to be concidered first in order to achieve this.

Firstly, Search Engine Optimisation is really about driving as much traffic to a website as possible to assist a company in converting as many visitors as possible, whether it be to purchase a product or to sign up to some service.

SEO alone cannot make people purchase a clients product. Once an SEO has driven visitors to a site, his job is pretty much done. You can get to #1 for some popular search term, but if you don’t have anything to offer your visitor when they arrive, its like opening a restaurant but having nothing on the menu for them to eat!

If you want to turn more of your visitors into buyers, there a many other aspects of a site that needs to be looked at first and this should come prior to any SEO contracts or agreements taking place.

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May 05 2008

Optimising For The Long Tail

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What is the Long Tail?

The “long tail” is a buzz word that has been thrown about for some time now in forums and other places across the web, but many people are still unsure on many aspects of the long tail inlcuding what it is and how it can help with your SEO campaign.

When performing search engine optimisation on a site one of the first things to do is to examine your niche, your competitors and the market place in general. Another thing you do is to ascertain the most lucrative search terms to target in order to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your site.

Normally you will come up with a selection of keywords that are the ones that you are going to go with and after a few months or whatever length of time, you check your stats and what do you find?

You find that around 20% of the visitors that came to your site via organic searches found your site using your top optimised for keywords. The other 80% will have found you using whats called the long tail or those phrases that were made up using words and phrases found in your websites copy(or text).

Below is a graphical chart depicting what the long tail would look like like if you were to create a graph using your google analytics or other website stats.

Long Tail Chart

The X-Axis shows us that each tower represents a specific keyword and that the Y-Axis represents the keyword popularity or put another way, the amount of times the keyword was searched during a certain period of time.

The graph shows us that most of our main keywords provided us with around 20% of our visitors whereby the “long tail”(the remaining keywords) represent around 80% of search terms that we were found with.

So logic tells us, that we should not only target the more popular search terms, but also go after the long tail terms which can provide us with significant traffic.

The advantages of targeting the long tail are:-

  1. They are not as popular as the higher traffic terms so are easier to rank for
  2. Easy to optimise as you will not have to build links for these terms
  3. Long tail terms are much more specific hence are easier to convert to sales

An example of the long tail might be:-

Real estate spain

Real estate lawyers spain

Real estate in valencia spain

Commercial real estate in spain

Real estate spain investment fund

Real estate agents in spain

Best real estate agents in spain

Buying real estate in spain

Real estate market situation in spain

Off plan real estate offers in Spain

As you can see by the above example. The top term “real estate spain” is more generic and not very specific and targeted. With terms like these a searcher could really be searching for any one of the terms below which are much more specific.

This means that the more long tail visitors we can get the more likely we are to convert those visitors into sales or customers.

How to target the long tail

Another bonus of optimising and targeting the long tail keywords is that they are not so popular which means there is less competition and there are fewer sites actively targeting these terms.

Optimising your sites pages for the long tail terms is pretty straight forward and generally means placing your long tail keywords within the pages copy/text so that the search engine crawlers can index them for searching.

Below is an example of a paragraph used on a real estate site before the long tail keywords have been inserted.

XYZ Real Estate Spain is your leading real estate company in spain. We have a number of really luxurious off plan and resale properties on offer in the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. We are also able to provide you with finance for your purchase via our trusted and experienced mortgage advisor.

And now the paragraph after the long tails have been inserted.

XYZ Real Estate Spain is your leading real estate company in spain. We are one of the leading real estate agents in Spain and have a number of really luxurious off plan and resale properties on offer in the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. If you are buying real estate property in Spain, we are also able to provide you with finance for your purchase via our trusted and experienced mortgage advisor.

The real estate market situation in Spain has been somewhat unstable recently, but market is now as bouyant as ever and we are now starting to see more demand for certains regions especially real estate in Valencia.

We are now able to offer some really amazing off plan real estate offers in Spain which include cash back and no money down deals.

As you can see, with a bit of wizardry we are able to insert our long tail terms into our copy so that we can target them.

So there you have it. If you do some solid keyword research I’m sure you can come up with a number of long tails that just may bring you more targeted traffic.




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