Mar 31 2008

New SEO site review service

Tag: SEOadmin @ 1:56 am

Thought I would take a moment to mention a new SEO service that I am in the middle of rolling out.

The SEO site review service is for those who would like an initial consultation in order to gain a better insight into where there current SEO efforts(if any) are going wrong.

The site review takes around 3 days to complete and looks at your sites on and off-site optimization. You will also receive and in depth report detailing virtually every aspect of what you have done right and what are you are currently doing wrong.

I also include my “Link building 101″ document which is a detailed link building guide to help you with your link building efforts.

The service costs just 349 Euro’s

Mar 23 2008

You mean I’m not #1 already?

Tag: SEOadmin @ 9:57 am

Quite often I am asked by clients who want to rank well for their keywords but who are not that familiar with the whole search engine and SEO process, how long it will take them to “get to #1″. As a search engine optimizer, it can be frustrating to have clients who are very impatient and just want to get that coverted spot on Google.

I can understand that a client wants to have their site rank as quickly as possible in order to start bringing in new business and revenue and know that this is the ultimate objective with organic SEO but it is important that the client is made fully aware from the outset, that it takes time to rank high in the SERPS(search engine results page’s) especially when you have a lot of keyword competition.

If you are an SEO yourself, then it is your responsibility to make your client aware from the word go that Rome really wasn’t built in a day and that building good search engine positioning is an on-going process.

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