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"Imagine if you could increase your website visitors 100%, 500% or even 1000%. How much more money would you earn as a result?"

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the art of optimising a website in order to improve its visibilty and rankings on the internets search engines for specific keywords.

Website promotion takes many forms including, content optimisation, page copy, titles, internal link paths, anchor text and inbound links to name just a few. There are also other methods such as article submission, directory submission, blogging, social media and press releases. SEO is very time consuming but unfortunately if you want to drive traffic from potential customers to your site in order to sell your product or service, it is something that MUST be done.

Driving large amounts of traffic to your web site doesn't happen by chance, although many web site owners fail to realise this. It can be the biggest factor in your online business failing. After all, traffic = leads = potential sales.

Realistically if you need to be selling on the internet and you have focused on a number of key keyword phrases relevant to your site, you will ideally need to be placed in the top two pages, although number 1 is obviously preferred. If you are not at the top, you will not get many visitors to your site meaning a lack of sales and just as importantly, a loss of time and money.

At the same time, obtaining top rankings for a popular keyword can be very difficult due to competition and can take a while to achieve. By doing regular website promotion and seo work, good rankings can be achieved for both long tail and short tail search terms.

Generally, the more competitive the key phrase the longer it will take to achieve good postions.

I can provide you with low cost seo services starting from just €300 per month that will help you to enhance your businesses image and build brand awareness on the web.

Take a look at my search engine optimisation blog for lots of SEO info and also my Beginners guide to SEO which should help to give you a greater understanding of the SEO process.

If you would like proof of my current and past successes, please contact me for further information.

SEO Package Includes

Initial consultation to assess your aims

Discussion about search engine placement methods and SEO in general

Over all assessment of your website including "crawlability"

Analysis of your online competition and top competitors

Keyword Analysis

Ascertain the most popular and profitable keywords for your new web site

On and off page seo techniques will be carried out in order to achieve the best rankings possible

On-going "natural" link building

Professional Monthly SEO Report