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Real Estate Search Engine Optimsation For Companies In Spain and Worldwide

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If you have a real estate or property company in Spain or anywhere else for that matter, you will know just how competitive an industry it is. With so much business and searches performed daily on the internet using the most popular search engines, its vital that you grab your fair share of the traffic. If you are serious about your business and want to generate more high quality leads via the internet, organic search engine optimisation SEO is what you need!

With Real Estate SEO, you can leverage the power of the internet and get yourself ranked well with the other major players in your industry and start selling more property. If you don't make use of the search engine traffic, your competitors will, leaving YOU to rely on those expensive poorly targeted newspaper and magazine ads.

So how can real estate SEO help?

Real Estate SEO will help you to:-

Improve Your Brand Awareness - By doing SEO on your site and getting ranked well you will be building your brand consistently and helping to give your site an even greater presence on the web.

Real Estate SEO
Establish Yourself As An Authority - People buy from people they can TRUST. By optimising your site, building strong links and providing rich authoritive content on your site, you establish your real estate company as a leader in your field.

Generate More Quality Leads - By doing SEO and targeting the long tail search terms, you can gain more high quality leads to your business. Buyers who want what you are providing.

Produce More Conversions - Its the ultimate aim after all. Any marketing, whether it be internet or more conventional methods are pointless unless they produce the desired results which is CONVERSIONS!! By producing more quality traffic, its stands to reason that your conversions are going to increase.

How long does real estate SEO take?

Getting your site ranked well for major competitive search terms can take up to 1 year to achieve but if your SEO is focused on other aspects such as quality content, site optimisation and structure and optimising for the long tail keywords you can compete with the big boys in no time. You will see positive results in a very short space of time.

So whats the next step and what do you need from us?

100% commitment is the most important requirement. With commitment, hard work and a little financial outlay, you can compete with the companies that have bigger budgets, but you MUST be committed. Even though you can see almost instant results SEO is still a long term marketing strategy and must be pursued continuously.

If you would like some current success stories or wish to discuss your real estate seo options, please contact me via my contacts page.

Real Estate SEO Package Includes

Initial consultation to assess your aims

Discussion about search engine placement methods and SEO in general

Over all assessment of your website including "crawlability"

Analysis of your online competition and top competitors

Keyword Analysis

Ascertain the most popular and profitable keywords for your real estate website

On and off page seo techniques will be carried out in order to achieve the best rankings possible

On-going "natural" link building