SEO and Web Design FAQ

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the SEO and web design services that I provide. If any of your questions are not covered by the below, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.

How does your Seo service work?

SEO is the practice of optimising a website and building links in order to promote it among the search engines for relevant keywords and to get it ranked as high up in the search engine results pages as possible for your keywords.

I will normally sit down and discuss search engine optimisation with you in more detail and explain the processes involved including brainstorming relevant keywords, optimising the site, building backlinks, article submission, social media and many other aspects to SEO.

SEO is an on-going process and is something that must be performed on a regular basis. For a small monthly fee I am able to carry this out in order to help you first achieve your desired rankings and then to keep them.

Can you gaurantee me #1 on Google or a certain position?

No, never. Any SEO that gaurantee's you a #1 position or anything similar is not being professional or honest with you. Please avoid such deviants. No SEO can ever gaurantee you a certain position as SEO is not an exact science and there are so many aspects to ranking that an SEO is unable to control. Ultimately search engines are in control of their search results, all we can do is try to influence them the best we can to achieve our desired ranking.

Search engine algorithms are changing all the time and its not unusual for a site to rank in one position one week and drop hundreds of places the following week. The search engine results are in a constant state of flux and the only way to maintain good rankings, is to work continuously on a site and do lots of testing in order to ascertain current best practices.

How will I know how my rankings are doing?

With the monthly SEO packages I will send you a report at the end of each month detailing your keyword positioning across the 3 major search engines. With the one off SEO packages, you will also receive a monthly report indicating your current SERPS position.

What will you need from me?

Initially you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and answer a few questions about your requirements. We will also ask you things such as do you have a domain name in mind? Will you require hosting for your new site?, Will you provide the content and images? etc.

Once the form is returned I will then be able to quote you a price for the work.

In the case of SEO work, I will ask you to fill out a form to help assess your requirements and find out about your current situation. Once this form has been recieved by me and once I am happy that my services will be appropriate for you, I will then ask you to sign a simple SEO agreement.

I also like to sit down and have an informal chat with all my clients where possible.

How long does it take to build a web site?

This really does depend on how much work needs to go into the site. Some sites are more complex than others. The short answer is anything from a few days to a few months.

How much will my new web site cost?

Once again this does depend on what is required. The sites I build start at just €400.

Are you able to make modifications to an existing web site?

Sometimes is the answer. It depends on what is required and can also depend on which languages and databases the existing site uses. Please email or call me to find out.

What if I need some content changing on the website after it is completed?

After the web site is completed and you are happy, any changes made will be chargeable and will be priced according to the modifications required.